Solar panel price in United States US

Solar panel price in United States of America USA and United Kingdom Uk

Today we will tell you about solar panel price in United States .Price of solar panel in US and UK and worldwide had declined more then 90%  in last 10 years. The price of a solar panel of 100 watt was approx  500 US dollar in the beginning of 21th century but now in 2017 you have to pay only 45 US dollar for a high quality solar panel of 100 watt.

solar panel are becoming very popular in United States

Now we will tell you about the solar panel price in United States now in 2017 . There are many solar panel manufacturers United States or US. we will give you some top solar panel companies list with their prices.

 1.Verengo Solar – This one has become one of the top 5 residential solar installing companies in the United states just based on market share. Focused on the residential market, reportedly installed over 13,000 solar units in residences since it opened for business in solar market in united states.It is considered to be very friendly to those just beginning to explore solar lifestyles, but also scores well with business and commercial accounts too.
The price per watt of verengo solar is between .45 to .50 US dollars.

2. SolarCity – Next on the list is another of the largest residential solar installation companies in the US. What really makes solarcity standout in the industry is it also has its own manufacturing division in united states. While they mostly work with residences, they also can provide for government and non-profit purchase, leasing and PPA programs as they can manufacture their panels to fit the order. Their installation and financing abilities also help to make SolarCity one of the best companies to choose to get started with solar in your home or business.
Their panel prices are .45 US dollars vary from time to time.
3. Sungevity – This company really makes the grade for being the pioneers in the US industry in solar leasing. They offer leasing and financing, but they are not dependent on each other. The effect of this model is it allowed for sungevity  to expand to offer solar options . Their leasing has been a hit with residential, PPA and business entities; plus their other services have made them a strong and steady presence in the traditional market, including government and non-profit needs.Solar panel prices of sungevity is .47 US dollars.

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