Why a girl cut penis of a man. Know the reason.

This news is coming from indian state kerala where a girl of 23 years cut down the penis of a 54 year temple priest when he was trying to rape the girl.
Priest was admitted to a nearby hosipital and the doctors said the penis is no more functional but priest is out of danger.
Girl said that this priest was raping her since many years. So she done this act with him. A FIR has been submitted against priest and girl is now free.According to a police complaint filed by the woman, the accused, identified as Swamy Gangeshananda, a member of the Kollam-based Panmana Ashram, had been raping her at her home for the last eight years. The woman said he first raped her when she was 16 years old.Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan hailed the woman’s “brave step”. “It’s a good thing the girl did,” he said at a press conference.

Cutting of a penis during rape is very rare but very barve work.
This brings us to another important debate. At present, there are high number of rapes and rape attempts in India. What measures can be taken to prevent rapes in India?
Presently, rape is punishable by fine and imprisonment, and by execution in the rarest of rare cases. Execution for rape was last use on Dhananjoy Chatterjee in 2004 for the rape and murder of 18 year old Hatel Parekh. This raises a serious question, SHOULD THERE BE A MORE SERIOUS PUNISHMENT FOR RAPE? What are your suggestions?
In india every 4 minute a rape takes place.
Indian girls dont come out at night during night due to the fear of rape.
Just few days ago supreme court gave death penalty to rapers.

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