Important Notice For CAT 2017 Candidates. CAT 2017 official website

New Delhi: With exam date and information bulletin of CAT 2017 released, aspirants must now be glued to the official website The Common Admission Test (CAT) to various post graduate management programmes offered by Indian Institute of Managements (IIMs) will be held on 26 November 2017. Online registration will start from 9 August till 20 September 2017. Candidates who will be applying for the first time can go through the registration guide and video that will be soon available online. Details of CAT 2017 can be found and also in leading newspapers across the country.

CAT 2017: 10 Points Candidates Should Know From IIMCAT Notification Released By IIM Lucknow

1. Graduates must have atleast 50% marks to be eligible to apply for CAT 2017 (45% for reserved categories).

2.CAT is also a pre-requisite for getting admission to Fellow programmes in management or FPM (equivalent to PhD). Candidates interested for FPM should note that separate advertisement will be released by the respective institutes.

3. Separate advertisement will also be released for PGP-FABM & ePGP of IIM Ahmedabad, PGPEM & PGPPM Programmes of IIM Bangalore, EPGP of IIM Indore, EFPM & EPGPM of IIM Kashipur, PGP-ABM & PGP-SM of IIM Lucknow, PGPWE of IIM Raipur, PGDHRM of IIM Ranchi, EPGP of IIM Rohtak, PGPEX of RGIIM Shillong and PGPBM of IIM Tiruchirappalli.

4. Registration fee should be paid only once even if the candidate is applying for more than one institutes.

5. While filling the application form, candidates have to give the best four cities for exam in terms of preference, out of 140 exam cities chosen for CAT 2017.

6. CAT 2017 Scores can be used by non-IIM member institutions (list can be found at

7. CAT 2017 scores will be valid till 31 December 2018

8. 'Performance in CAT 2017 examination is an important component for consideration in the selection process. IIMs may also use previous academic performance of the candidates, relevant work experience and other similar inputs in short-listing of candidates at various stages of the selection process.'

9. CAT 017 admit card will be available from 18 October. Candidates should download it before the examination instead of waiting for the last minute.

10. Regarding reservation norm, the official notification states that 'For the purpose of being considered for reservations, the applicable Central Government list as on the last date of CAT registration shall be binding. No subsequent changes will be effective for CAT 2017 and any subsequent selection process of the IIMs.'
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cat 2017 online application

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