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Jio phone Booking page
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जियो फ़ोन बुक करने के लिए नीचे दिए गए लिंक पर जाए
Brand Name: JioMobile Name: JioPhoneType: Feature Phone with 4G VoLTEPrice: Zero (0)Launch Date: 21st July 2017Sale Date: Registration or Booking Link: Coming SoonProduct Page: BUY NOWSecurity Fees: Rs 1500 (Refundable)
JioPhone Booking at Rs 0
You need to visit here to book the mobile Login or Signup your accountThat’s it; your registration is successfulNow, you just need to visit the product page to buy the mobileFollow below steps to buy successfully.

Note: Pre booking will start from 24 August 2017.
How to Buy Jio Phone Online/ Pre-booking/ Registration?
Visit Jio’s Official Website on the flash sale day (September 2017)Add the phone to your shopping cartSign in or create a new accountEnter shipping address carefullyChoose a favourite payment methodComplete your transactionWait for few days to get it delivered to your home
JioPhone Mobile Specifications
Screen Size: 2.4-inch colourProcessor: SpreadtrumStorage: 4GBExpandable Memory: Upto 128GBCamera: 2 mega pixelFront Camera: VGARAM: 512MBOS: Kai, OSBattery: 2,000mAhOther Features: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, GPSApp Store:  Kai OS PlusApps: Jio’s premium apps like Jio TV, Cinema, etc. Also, the phone will support Facebook and WhatsApp.Colour: BlackNo of Variants: NA

 1500 Refundable Fees
To avoid potential misuse you need to pay Rs 1500 as security fees, which will be refunded to you after 3 years.
If you have any question regarding JioPhone booking process, then feel free to comment below. Stay tuned with us by clicking on Red Bell icon. Keep visiting HelperBus.
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जिओ फ्री 1500 फ़ोन
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जियो मोबाइल 1500
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जियो मोबाइल १००० रस
जियो फ्री मोबाइल 1500
jio mobile 1500
जियो फ्री फ़ोन कैसे बुक करे।
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जियो फोन बुकिंग
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रिलायंस जिओ मोबाइल 1500
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Jio free phone booking

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